Visa Counseling

At Edurecruit we work with each student individually offering solutions that make visa procurement a hassle free process. We help visa applicants in the entire visa process including mock interviews and much more.

Genuine students are sought all over the world. If you are one, you should get the student visa. Of course, you should prepare well for the visa process.

The following basic guidelines will help all visa applicants:
  • Get your documentation in order. Ensure that your documentation projects the financial position of your sponsor properly, and you as a genuine student who wishes to study in the United States.
  • Plan to apply early
If you want to be sure about your documentation and do not wish to take chances, you could consider taking up the personalised visa counselling service of Edurecruit. Our counsellors are highly experienced in helping students apply for visas and improving their chances of getting one.

While it is true that the granting of visa is the prerogative of the Consulate, it is also clear that those who are prepared professionally by seasoned educational advisors stand a very good chance of success.